Product Manager

Job description

As a Product Manager, you will be a central hub within the company for a lot of critical information about our products, markets, competitors, customers and prospects. You’ll have the opportunity to do a lot. Here’s what you can expect during your first year:

  • First Month: Get onboarded and brought up to speed on our current products. You’ll spend a lot of time learning about our products, building rapport with the product, engineering, marketing, sales, and contributing to new features. 
  • Second Month: Acquire a deep understanding of the biggest opportunities and pain points for our various user segments through past and new user research. This will include expanding our product suite to better address users' needs and improving their overall experience on our products. You’ll speak with users, write specs, run experiments, and iterate on ideas with your team and stakeholders.
  • Third Month Onwards: You will take a leadership role developing the long-term roadmap for our products. You’ll be involved not just in product development, but in defining long-term strategy, improving our processes, and advocating for all developers and technologists.


  • Partner with key stakeholders to set the product strategy for our products, and lead a team to execute on that strategy
  • Build the product roadmap, maintain a backlog of projects, and manage the priorities for the team
  • Contribute to detailed user research and customer segmentation to understand the core issues that our users and customers care about
  • Propose new products and features and pitch them to the company and the community
  • Start with high-level goals and hypotheses, validate ideas through product discovery and research, and partner with developers, designers, marketing, and community teams to iteratively deliver value to our users
  • Work very closely with UI/UX team to ensure product development
  • Define and monitor metrics to determine the effectiveness of features, and administer split tests to measure overall impact
  • Interact with our community of developers and our customers around the world to gather ideas and feedback
  • Develop and execute go-to-market strategies in partnership with product marketing and community teams

Job requirements

  • A track record of coming up with ideas for building and innovative web and mobile apps
  • Minimum of 5 years' product management experience
  • Strong B2B and B2C experience, should have worked on a community based product, or should have experience building products at scale
  • Excellent spec-writing and UX skills
  • An understanding of the technical and design implications of what you ask the team to do
  • Excellent telecommuting skills. Even if you work from one of our offices, many of our team members are remote
  • Experience with usability testing and A/B tests
  • Demonstrated ability of written English clear communication (whether that's online posts, specs, blogging, or anything else)